Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Mega Crafting day

I've managed to make 7 LMC kit cards today and a birthday card for Martin's auntie. I just need to find out if her birthday is 1st or the 2nd May and then it will be complete!

I was totally stuck as to where to start with this kit this morning, as I have to admit that I actually don’t really like flower fairies all that much (pause for horrified gasps from all readers- LOL) I am pleasantly suprised, however, at how they have all turned out and I am slowly coming round to them. I actually havent used the two little papers I like most (yet)- the sunflower and bee one and also the one with the red flowers and kneeling fairy. watch this space…



Maggie said...

Gorgeous cards Fi, I'm with you on the fairies, but seeing your cards has changed my mind as well, they are lovely, and I love the aunty card. Margaret

queenie said...

oh my giddy aunt your cards are so lovely and look forward to seeing what else you make with anticipation!!!!