Thursday, 15 January 2009

Exploding box card

This is the first card like this that I've attempted and I'm pretty impressed with myself. I spent around 2 hours working on this two nights ago and a further hour last night.

The little magnolia Edwin on the lid is supposed to be my boyfriend with flowers for his mum (who the card/box is for!). He's not too amused that he has glitter in his hair and on his jeans, but I've explained that I've used crafter's license :-) The celebrate tag is from the recent CB magazine and it's held on with some lovely pink ribbon and embelished with little pearl hearts.

The inside is decorated with some family pics from the past year and a whole host of flowers, butterflies and the like. The papers are from the simply cards and paper craft magazine thats out just now. I've never bought it before, but saw they were giving a free book of valentines papers so thought i'd try it. What a bargain- there is heaps of free paper and a load of good ideas in the mag itself too!


Jane said...

WOW what a very pretty exploding box!

Fi said...

Thanks, Jane!

I really loved making it- all the pretty pinks and purples and hearts papers about right now are right up my street! :-)

tiggertastic said...

this is such an amazing make, fantastic work fi

Sarah x

Spyder said...

Brilliant x-ploding box, Love it!