Tuesday, 16 December 2008

My mum's birthday card

I created this card for my mum’s birthday in January. She loves Cliff Richard, so it is a collection of little records and one big one. Each is pinned on with a brad so it spins like a real record and each details a different favourite song of hers and the big one in the middle says ‘thank you for a lifetime’- one of his songs and a wee message for my mum combined. Considering putting a pic of her or cliff from the concert I took her too recently, but can’t decide.

(The vinyls were created and printed from a website called http://www.says-it.com/, where you can make personalised vinyl labels, cassette and VHS labels, badges, movie signs, concert tickets etc!)


queenie said...

wow what a fantastic idea your mum is gonna love this when she recieves it...
tracy xxx
thanks for your lovely comment you left on mine too

maddy hill said...

what a fab card ! i am sure your mum will be over the moon !