Saturday, 20 December 2008

A few Friday makes

Now that school is done for Christmas, I was at last able to do some card making, without worrying about marking, preparing for parents evenings, or the Auschwitz evening, or attending the school show... Martin was out tonight for his work's Christmas meal, so...

here are a few of my Friday night makes...

The first is made using one of the many hand stamped images I bought from ebay this week, coloured in with my new brush markers and with a bit of ribbon (came with some flowers i received a few weeks ago- it actually has john lewis stamped all over the back of it- a great credit crunch way of reusing things you'd routinely think were unusable) and a new prima flower addition. The character needs to be coloured in, but i'm finding it hard to find something that will allow me to do a skin colour:

This card was made using the LMC kit- it's a slight variation on a design in the magazine. I've had some good feedback on it and I'm impressed I managed to get the swirls cut so well, as I dont have a cuttlebug or anything to do this for me, but it still isnt quite right!:

I like the simplicity of this card, but may well add a sentiment before I send it to whoever it ends up going to:

This card is also made using the LMC kit and the heart peel offs that came this week. I love the way it has turned out!

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