Saturday, 12 June 2010

A long overdue update.. but not much to show

I've had a busy week or so what with SQA markers meetings, a Spa weekend away, the craft fair at the Corn Exchange and a jewellery making class, followed by lots of work this week and more marking!

So not much to show, but I did make this card to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of the summer camp I worked at in America for 6 summers! I love this place and have so many fab memories. Given that we're still in the school year, I and a load of the other Scottish counsellors of the past couldnt get to WV for the reunion, so we're having our very own celebration tonight in Glasgow! I sent the card to the owner and good friend, Gordo. There is a green 10 in the creek water, but it's on pearlised paper, so doesnt show up to well in the picture above.

Also a couple of picture of the bracelet and earings I made at my first ever jewellery class last weekend.


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