Monday, 20 April 2009

Card and papier mache letter

Martin’s auntie had to have her dog put down this afternoon. He hasn’t been very well over the past few weeks and we discovered at the end of last week that he had a number of tumours around his heart and other organs. The vet told her today that it was unfair to let him suffer anymore.

I’ve never had to go through anything like this, as I’ve never had a pet, but Martin and his auntie are clearly very upset.

I’ve made the attached card and keepsake for her so she knows we care and are thinking about her.
Thanks for looking!


Anonymous said...

This is beautiful and I am sure it will mean so much to her. I am so sorry to hear about her dog, our little Yorkie passed away in Dec and it is still hard on me. She will treasure this always...

queenie said...

Lovely thing to do Fi,sad to hear about the passing of a much loved pet,been through it myself and i know how hard it is and still find it.
hugs to your auntie and Martin.
hugs to you too

Fi said...

Thanks for your kind words Christina and Tracy!

She has had a rough day as she went out for fresh air and neighbours and other people she'd see when walking tiger kept asking her where he was!


Steph said...

Adoreable projects Fi, I think they're lovely :)

Sorry to hear your auntie's sad news - hugs all round :( xxx