Sunday, 26 April 2009

27 today...

Today I am celebrating my 27th Birthday and thought that I would share some pictures of the lovely cards and gufts i have received! I have the best friends, family and boyfriend!


Getting ready to head to The Living Room for dinner The card Martin made for me- his first ever!!My fondue set from Claire and Ben
Delia book, Twilight and The Duchess on dvd, my fab new camera, brooch and voucher for a day at The Cooker School :-)

Braclet and earings from Vic and Ian
Card from my mum and dad
Card and RAK from Isabelle (2Belle)

Me wth my flowers from Pebs

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Queenie said...

Woohooooo Happy belated birthday wishes and sunshine kisses specially for for you!!!!
Good for Martin for his first card,one to treasure!!!!oh and fondue set,camera,cooker many great pressies enjoy them all and thanks for sharing the piccies.