Saturday, 28 March 2009

Easter Boxes

I made this card last night, using flock from Papercraft Inspirations magazine. I've never used it before and, while I love the effect, I managed to get the stuff all over the place and myself!! Not good! haha While out shopping today I came across this fab deal in Asda- a mix of 6 chocolate eggs (creme eggs, caramel, mars etc) in an egg box. They started off like this:
and now look like this:



Anonymous said...

These are too cute!!! your card is stunning as well. I am finding so many wonderful blogs, Have a blessed Easter..
Hugs, Christina

Susie Sugar said...

Hi Fi I too got the free flock but I am to chicken to use it I have never tried it before either, must pluck up courage to try it !! lol
Your card is fabby darling and the egg boxes ....well what a great idea and you have made them look stunning too, come on spill the beans how many choccy eggs did you eat while making them !! lol
Hugs Susie xx
Ps Thanks for all the lovely comments you have been leaveing me lately I must get over to see your blog more often I have been busy working on my new on-line shop that is opening on the 6th so please forgive me I will get blog hopping again real soon

Rachel said...

brilliant idea Fi, I love the egg boxes, well done...