Saturday, 14 February 2009

Reece Gibson

My cousin Sarah had a baby boy on Thursday 12th February- 12 days late- Reece Gibson, 7lb, 14 oz!!

I've sorted a present from me, my brother, mum and dad to be sent from They have the most adorable keepsake boxes that you can personalise and fill with various items- so cute!
I've also made the following cards- the yellow one I'd made yonks ago but not had a use for- I've changed a few bits and it's going from mum and dad. The one from me and Martin is the tilda one. The patterned paper is from papercraft inspirations current magazine and the dark blue is card from the set of free things that I arrived yesterday (great timing) as my subs gift for the same magazine. The ribbon also came from that freebie and the flowers +brads are from Debby's blog candy win.
I bought this handmade by stamp just a few weeks ago and have placed it on the back of both!

Congrats Sarah and Wayne; welcome to the family baby Reese!!


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bumblebee creations said...

these are all so very cute!!!!