Friday, 12 December 2008

Another few of my early cards

These are a few designs I made for a couple of different occasions:

The first is a simple birthday card design. I produced one of these from the first LMC magazine i bought in the summer and this is another I made a while later using some other materials I already had. The following are two cards Iput together before my friends Emma and Phil had their first child in September. Baby Bronwyn received the second card and the first is waiting for such a time as someone has a baby boy!

This is a card I made for a guy i live with during university, who recently got engaged! It's a variation on the card I made from the papercraft magazine. I haven't actually heard from him since I sent it though- so either he doesnt like it, he didnt receive it, or he's just being a typical bloke... :-)

This is a gift I made for a friend's wedding/civil partnership- I love the way it has turned out and so did they!!

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queenie said...

these are gorgeous and sure your friends will cherish the one you made for them.
tracy xx